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School Staff


Senior Leadership Team & Responsibilities

Mr Ashley Izzard-Snape Executive Headteacher, Deputy DSL
Mrs Maria Barker Deputy Headteacher, DSL, Curriculum
Mrs Caroline Tighe Assistant Headteacher RVIS, Assessment, Behaviour, Deputy DSL
Mrs Bridget Leder Assistant Headteacher RJS, Pupil Premium, Attendance, Deputy DSL
Miss Joanne Loomes Inclusion Lead - RVIS/RJS

Year 6 Staff & Responsibilities

 Mr  Matthew Spearman Cedar class teacher, Y6 year lead, Geography Champion
 Mrs  Heidi Plowright Oak class teacher, Outdoor Learning Champion
 Ms  Sam Roberts  Maple job share class teacher, MfL Champion
 Mrs   Laura Rae  Maple job share class teacher, School Council Champion
 Mrs  Hayley Peniasko  Teaching Assistant, Libriarian
 Mrs  Natalie Calvert  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs  Jenny Williams  Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Staff & Responsibilities

Miss Hannah Welch   Neptune class teacher, Acting Y5 year lead, Forest School Champion
Miss Ruth Waller  Jupiter class teacher (maternity leave), Y5 year lead, English Champion
Mrs Rebecca Powers Jupiter job share class teacher
Mrs Ailish Avery Jupiter job share class teacher, Computing Champion
Mr Haydn Williams Saturn class teacher, P4C Champion
Mrs Helen Walker Mars class teacher, English Champion
Mrs Davina Lines Teaching Assistant
Mrs  Amanda Laughton Teaching Assistant
Miss Lucie Hazeltine Special Needs Learning Support Assistant
Mrs  Jayne Bredenkamp Special Needs Learning Support Assistant

Year 4 Staff & Responsibilities

 Miss Charlotte Lewis  Colorado class teacher, Y4 year lead, Art Champion
 Mrs  Donna Ward  Thames job share class teacher, DT Champion 
 Mrs  Stacey Dowell  Thames job share class teacher (maternity leave)
 Miss  Rhian Williams   Amazon class teacher, PSHE & Online Safety Curriculum Champion
 Mr  Andy Vigor  Nile class teacher, History Champion
 Mrs  Natasha Hutchinson  Y4 class teacher (maternity leave)
 Mrs  Ann Hamilton  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs  Emma Rutherford  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs  Melaine Cassar  Special Needs Learning Support Assistant

   Year 3 Staff & Responsibilities

Miss Victoria Hill Snowdon class teacher, Y3 year leader, Theme week Champion
Mrs Rebecca Burrows  Everest class teacher, Maths Champion
Mrs Hannah Symington  Ben Nevis class teacher,
Mrs Karen Henderson Etna class teacher, Science Champion
Mrs Lindsay Dearing Y3 cover teacher (Mondays-Ben Nevis, Fridays-Everest)
Mrs Elaine Clipstone Teaching Assistant
Miss Carley Sismey Teaching Assistant
Mrs Laura McAllister Special Needs Learning Support Assistant

 Year 2 Staff & Responsibilities

Mrs Charlotte Civil Kingfisher class teacher, Y2 year leader, Maths Champion
Mrs Sarah Fowler Magpie job share class teacher, Computing Champion
Mrs Jen Hanson Magpie job share class teacher, Science Champion
Miss Louise Perriam-Hall Parrot class teacher
Mrs Yvonne Hansard Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gemma Dunbar Teaching Assistant
Mrs Clare Jarvis Special Needs Learning Support Assistant

Year 1 Staff & Responsibilities

Miss Kayley Wallace Hummingbird class teacher, Y1 year leader, English Champion
Miss Jessica Lambert Woodpecker class teacher, Online Safety Champion
Mrs Gill Liggins Robin job share class teacher, P4C Champion
Mrs Amy Druce-Jones Robin job share class teacher, School Council Champion
Miss Hannah Fish Owl class teacher, Art & DT Champion, NQT Mentor
Mrs Sue Saywood Teaching Assistant
Mrs Colleen Rodgers Teaching Assistant
Mrs Caroline Fairley job share Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sara Homer job share Teaching Assistant

Early Years (R & N) Staff & Responsibilities

Miss  Holly Robertson Wren class teacher,  EYFS year leader, History Champion 
Mrs Jodie Nixon    Canary job share class teacher, Music Champion
Mrs Sona Barber Canary job share class teacher, RE Champion
Mrs Paula Knight Year R Dove Class, Outdoor Learning & Geography Champion
Mrs Nikki Bowskill Nursery Teacher Ducklings Class
Mrs Kerry Cossey Early Years Practitioner Sparrow Class
Mrs Beth Sando Early Years Practitioner Goslings Class
Mrs Nina Conn Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rachel Stevenson Reception & Nursery Special Needs Learning Assistant
Mrs Karen Seton Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Sims Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gemma Draycott Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Serena Green Relief Teaching Assistant

 The Nest Staff & Responsibilities

Mrs Harriet Long Nest class teacher, PSHE Champion
Mrs Joanna Crick   Teaching Assistant
Mrs Leah Gee Teaching Assistant
Mrs Corina Williams Special Needs Learning Support Assistant

PPA Staff

Mrs Lisa Hutchinson Teacher Planning and Preparation cover teacher, RE Champion
Mrs Ailish Avery Teacher Planning and Preparation cover teacher, Computing Champion
Mr Brian Deady Teacher Planning and Preparation cover teacher, Music Champion
Ms Vicky Gallagher Teacher Planning and  Preparation cover teacher, PE Champion

Administration and Support Staff

Mrs Jayne Savage RVIS School Business Manager
Mrs  Diana Calderone RJS School Business Manager
Mrs Donna Jackson RVIS Administrator
Mrs  Stacey Mayes RVIS Clerical Assistant
Miss Kelly Alden RJS Administrator
Mrs Kate Wareham Clerk to School Governors
Mrs Anita Browne Family Support Worker, Deputy DSL

Site & Cleaning Staff

Mr Malcolm Ball Site Supervisor
Miss  Claire Valentine RVIS Cleaner
Mrs Leanne Freeman RVIS Cleaner
Miss Jo Hale RVIS Cleaner
Mrs Brenda Cross RVIS Cleaner
Mrs Lesley Jones RVIS Cleaner
Mrs Tracey Thurston RJS Cleaner
Mrs Hilary Harvey RJS Cleaner
Mrs Natalie Martin RJS Cleaner
Mrs  Kelly Harris RJS Cleaner