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Pupils at Rothwell Victoria Infant School are encouraged to develop fundamental movement skills, so that they become increasingly competent and confident and access a broad range of opportunities to extend their agility, balance and coordination, individually and with others. We promote children to engage in competitive (both against self and against others) and co-operative physical activities, in a range of increasingly challenging situations. Pupils are taught to:

  • master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities
  • participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending
  • perform dances using simple movement patterns.

The school offers a range of experiences during and after school hours. We take part in an Archery and Multiskills Festival at Montsaye Community College with other schools in the Pathfinder Schools Trust. Children have experienced sessions including cheerleading, dodgeball, hockey, football, basketball, cup stacking, tennis and dance.

We hold a Sports Day every year (weather permitting!) where all children take part in numerous different types of races, we celebrate the participation and the winning!

Sports Clubs - Pacesetters Sports

 LunchtimeAfter School
Tuesday   Gymnastics Club 3:20 – 4:30

We are using Pacesetter Sports for our after school Gymanstics club. The club will be run by a fully qualified coach with a DBS. All bookings and payments are to be made through Pacesetter Sports and not the school office. For more information on the clubs and how to book your child onto a club, please go to the following website:  or telephone: 01604 686367

Fiesta Sports Coaching

After school clubs are run by Vicky Gallagher of Fiesta Sports Coaching.  Activties offered change each half term and include Football, Handball, Tennis and Dodgeball.

Other Events

A number of sporting opportunities with other schools within the MAT* are currently being planned. Once dates and venues have been confirmed, they will be posted on this site.

* Pathfinder Schools Trust

Dodgeball Festival held at Montsaye Academy January 2016

Key Stage 1 Inter school Multiskills Festival held at Montsaye School

The 2017 Dodgeball festival



Our 'Friends of Rothwell Schools', combines our Infant and Junior Friends groups which exist for the benefit of the children in our school, and to improve links between home and school.

They organise a wide range of social and fund raising activities throughout the year, as well as providing support at many school functions and events. Recent additions to the school environment and provision provided by FORJS have been the Library with the Friends kindly funding the purchase of books.  The Friends have also provided the funds for a new climbing frame in the hall and they also funded the purchase of the school minibus in 2009 and donated £5,000 towards the outdoor classroom in 2012.

A full committee meeting is held towards the beginning of each term, following which smaller groups are formed to undertake detailed planning of events. We invite your support. As a parent you are automatically a member of the Friends group.

Our team

Committee members and roles are as follows:

  • Chair - Clare Jarvis
  • Vice Chair - Faye Sheldrick
  • Treasurer - Jayne Savage
  • Secretary - Nina Conn
  • School Representative - Amy Druce-Jones and Kayley Wallace

Committee Members

  • Bex Freeman
  • Penny Burke
  • Natalie Swingler
  • Louise Hill
  • Mel Cassar
  • Corinne Law
  • Stephen Spearman
  • Louise Joyce
  • Laura Clayton
  • Gemma Summerfield
  • Karen Roberts
  • Amanda Gilbert

The school recognises the enormous value music and art contributes to the school curriculum.  Our art activities and Design and Technology projects are closely linked to our individual year team topics.

We try to encourage all of our children to be as creative as possible and we believe it shows in their enjoyment and enthusiasm for the arts.

The school is the proud recipient of the Artsmark award in recognition of our wonderful art curriculum. The school recognises the enormous value music and art contributes to the school curriculum.  Our art activities and Design and Technology projects are closely linked to our individual year team topics, and this is especially effective when the children work with professional artists on our special art days in the spring term. If you happen to be in school on a Friday morning, you will witness our love of music first hand.

The staff and children enjoy exercising lungs and vocal chords during our Friday song practices, and in the interests of inclusion, even our flatter staff singers are encouraged to join in!

The Year 2 children join with other Year 2 classes from local schools for an annual ‘Sing in’. 

We showcase our singing in our Christmas plays. 

Our art and music provisions extends to:

  • Art Clubs after school
  • Participation in music festivals
  • Year group Christmas Plays

 Our art and music provisions extends to:

  • A school choir
  • Drumming club
  • Guitar club
  • Recorder club
  • Peripatetic music lessons
  • Art Club
  • Summer music festival
  • Carol Concerts
  • Year group Christmas Plays

We try to encourage all of our children to be as creative as possible and we believe it shows in their enjoyment and enthusiasm for the arts.

Developments in the ICT curriculum have seen the installation of interactive whiteboards and visualisers throughout the school.  Since September 2013 the school has replaced the ICT suite and classroom PC’s and purchased 30 new laptops. We have also purchased 16 tablet computers to further enhance the children’s access to computers. 

The Reception and Nursery children also have continuous access to Laptop work stations to support their learning.  Programmable toys play a large part of introducing children to the world of computers responding to our control.
Our subject leaders have researched and invested in software that allows us to deliver learning objective like never before. Literacy in particular, has used digital video technology to create movies and animations that has enabled children to become more creative and successful writers.

Our maths times tables Parent event introduced some Apps which support learning number facts for rapid recall, using the tablets.
All children in Key stage 1 have secure access to DB Primary for emailing, and have accounts with ‘Mathletics’.  Please ask your class teacher if you have lost your child’s user names and passwords.

At Rothwell Schools, we have an illustrious sporting history that we are very proud of. Through high quality PE lessons and extra sporting activities, we promote: health and fitness, confidence, co-operation and teamwork, skill development, self-discipline and enjoyment. Each child receives 2 hours of PE each week following Create Development’s REAL PE Scheme of work or the Cambridgeshire Scheme of work for Physical Education. During the summer term, we organise a whole school sports day (weather permitting) which is very popular with the children, although the staff can get a little competitive!

Additional to PE lessons, the school offer’s after school and lunchtime sports clubs throughout the year including Dodgeball (Tuesday’s after school), Gymnastics (Wednesday’s after school), Hotshots – Basketball (Thursday’s after school) and Football (Friday Lunchtimes).

In terms of competitions, we put great emphasis on the pupil’s responsibility in representing the school at competitive tournaments and events. During the 2015/16 academic year, we entered teams in the following Kettering School Sports Partnership (KSSP) events:

  • Year 5/6 Boys Football
  • Year 5/6 Girls Football
  • Year 4/5 Futsal
  • Year 5/6 Tag Rugby
  • Year 3/4/5/6 Cross Country
  • Year 3/4 Tri-Golf
  • Year 3/4 Hockey
  • Year 5/6 Swimming Gala
  • Year 5/6 Cricket
  • Year 5/6 Quad-Kids (Athletics)

The Year 5/6 Boys and Girls football team progressed to the County finals while the Year 4/5 Futsal team represented Northamptonshire at the Regional finals at Nottingham University.

With support from schools within the Pathfinder Schools Trust, we have organised and took part in festivals and events which celebrate and promote sport. These events included: swimming, futsal, cross country and athletics.

Throughout the year, we have promoted leadership within sport and pupils from Year 5 were given the opportunity to help support a dodgeball festival, cross country event which was held on the school field and assist with Rothwell Victoria Infant school’s sports day.