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Developments in the ICT curriculum have seen the installation of interactive whiteboards and visualisers throughout the school.  Since September 2013 the school has replaced the ICT suite and classroom PC’s and purchased 30 new laptops. We have also purchased 16 tablet computers to further enhance the children’s access to computers. 

The Reception and Nursery children also have continuous access to Laptop work stations to support their learning.  Programmable toys play a large part of introducing children to the world of computers responding to our control.
Our subject leaders have researched and invested in software that allows us to deliver learning objective like never before. Literacy in particular, has used digital video technology to create movies and animations that has enabled children to become more creative and successful writers.

Our maths times tables Parent event introduced some Apps which support learning number facts for rapid recall, using the tablets.
All children in Key stage 1 have secure access to DB Primary for emailing, and have accounts with ‘Mathletics’.  Please ask your class teacher if you have lost your child’s user names and passwords.