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An Introduction to Safeguarding


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This section of the website is in place to share all of the things that we do at school to ensure the safety of the entire school community. Governors, staff, children and parents all have a role to play, and you will find information and links to child safety sites here. If you have any suggestions or ideas for things we should include in this section of the website, please let us know. Your feedback is appreciated.

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In order to provide support to the School Community Mrs. Anita Browne works across both schools as a Family Support Worker. Anita is part of the safeguarding team and is available to support Parents with any aspect of parenting and also offers support with children. We are able to signpost parents to other services and agencies such as school nurse. Coffee mornings take place weekly to support parents and offer advice on different parental concerns. ( Due to COVID these are meetings cannot take place but we will look to resume as soon as safe to do so).

Rothwell schools safeguarding team



We have a number of staff who are trained as Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads. If you have any concerns relating to Child Protection or Safeguarding issues then you can share this information with the Designated Senior Persons via email using the following address   . Information will always be dealt with sensitively and appropriately.

If you are worried about a child outside of school time you can call the local Multi Agency Support Hub for advice (anonymously if needs be) on 0300 126 1000.



We all have the right to feel safe all the time. We hope you feel safe and happy when you attend our school.

We can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small. You can talk with any adult in school if you are feeling worried or unsafe but always remember your network from your helping hand.

There are worry boxes in each year group in school for you to place any worries into. A teacher from your year group will look inside these boxes and help you to deal with your worry.

There are also links on the website here that will give you information on things that might worry you. Remember that there is also a free* telephone advice service called Childline where you can talk to someone in confidence about your worries. The number is 0800 1111.

*the service is free on landlines and on the following mobile networks: 3, BT mobile, Fresh, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin, and Vodafone.



If you have any concerns about your child’s welfare, please make a phone call appointment with the class teacher in the first instance (via the school office due to COVID). Remember, they will take any issue or concern you have seriously, and are committed to helping your child feel safe at school.

If you or the teacher feels that the issue cannot be resolved at this level, a meeting (via phone) can be arranged with the Year Leader or Assistant/Deputy Headteacher to take this issue further.

There are also some useful web links on the toolbar here if you require some general information.



The school's Safeguarding Policy can be downloaded from the sidebar along with other helpful information.



  • Children’s wellbeing coming back to school after lock down
  • Protective Behaviour awareness for staff and children.
  • Monitoring attendance

More Information can be found on the following Northamptonshire Safegaurding Children’s Board website

Staying Safe Documents

Online Safety Support