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  • Attending school is crucial for young children's learning, socialization, and future success
  • Attending school helps young children develop cognitive and social skills, fosters curiosity, and sets the foundation for future academic and personal success.
  • Regularly missing school can lead to a significant gap in a child's education, affecting their academic progress and future opportunities.

Most children choose to wear school uniform when they come to Nursery, but it is not compulsory.  They can wear red or green school sweatshirts, white polo shirts and grey skirts, trousers or shorts. 

In the Summer, green or red summer dresses are often worn.  Please make sure whatever your child wears, that they are comfortable, and able to undress quickly if they need to use the toilet in a hurry.  Joggers are often more practical than buttoned trousers for this reason.

Trainers may be worn in Nursery, but please no Crocs, sandals or open toed footwear, for health and safety purposes.

We ask that all children bring a drawstring bag with a full change of clothes with them when they start.  Please make sure that the bag and all of the items of clothing are named!!!  This bag will stay in nursery on their designated peg.  There is limited peg space, so please no rucksacks.