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  • Attending school is crucial for young children's learning, socialization, and future success
  • Attending school helps young children develop cognitive and social skills, fosters curiosity, and sets the foundation for future academic and personal success.
  • Regularly missing school can lead to a significant gap in a child's education, affecting their academic progress and future opportunities.

This page contains informative, downloadable documents.

At The Rothwell Schools we pride ourselves on being inclusive, welcoming environments in which all children can learn. We get to know our children with SEND as individuals so that we can put the right provision in place to meet their specific needs.

If your child has SEND, here is what you can expect from us –

  • Termly review meetings where you will be invited to come in and discuss how your child is getting on
  • Being involved in the setting of targets on your child’s Individual Education Plan
  • Regular coffee mornings where your voice as a parent can be both heard and valued
  • Your child’s voice being heard through One Page Profiles
  • High aspirations for your child with a focus on celebrating their strengths and working on strengthening their areas of difficulty
  • Your child’s well-being a priority at all times
  • A commitment to working together at any difficult times your child may have with a solution focussed approach

Who are we?

Chloe Fallady- Assistant Headteacher/SENCo

Sian Wallace- Inclusion Admin Assistant

Rothwell Infant School contact:

01536 906699

Rothwell Junior School contact:

01536 906699

For more information on the Local Offer and the Specialist Support Service, please see our school SEND padlet.

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